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Understanding the Struggle

If you're a Christian man who has been through or recently come out of the crisis of divorce, pay close attention. This message is your lifeline. Imagine, not just surviving, but thriving, not just recovering, but living a life true to God's plan - but unsure how to start? You don't have to tread this rocky path alone.

Why stay lost and wounded, grappling with the fallout of a crisis of divorce, lacking direction, lacking purpose? You can face the future armed with hope, power & purpose. With the right guidance and encouragement, you can heal from hidden hurts & destroy roadblocks in order to start rebuilding your life in alignment with God's calling.

You can start this transformation, like Todd did. After his wife left him and filed for divorce. He felt lost and didn't know what to do. But with help, he not only healed from the divorce, but also rose up into the man God wanted him to be. He now is living a life he never thought possible. 

The Difficult Truth

Studies show that men over 45 are the most likely out of any group to commit suicide. This sad reality shows the struggle men face when dealing with personal crises and how it can affect their mental & spiritual health.

​One out of three Christian men reported that they feel emotionally isolated. This leads to them struggling to find purpose and completeness, especially after a tragic event like divorce. The isolation can feel so strong, where rebuilding their life feels impossible.

Understanding the Struggle

If this rings true, believe this - you're not alone. It's not a personal failure if you're finding it hard to move beyond a crisis, feeling anchored down or wrestling with your faith.

The reality is, another aspect of you're feelings of stress and lack of direction is because the enemy of your soul is a liar and all about sowing deception. The enemy whispers lies like ignoring the crisis will make it vanish or that fleeting pleasures can offer real recovery.

Fact is: Escaping or "numbing out" is a temporary fix and denial only intensifies the crisis. Relying on these mechanisms is like setting yourself up for a fall. It will always take more than you're willing to give and still leave you feeling empty. 

That's why this message is your wake-up call. Take it in, ponder it if needed, then decide. Is it the beacon you need to start Rebuilding your life back better than it has ever been?

Rebuilding After Crisis

Hey, I'm Paul Cooley, but consider me your crisis coach. I've endured the crushing blow of a broken marriage and emerged stronger, victorious even, using my secret weapon: The King's Code Framework that I got when seeking God with everything I had. Because of it, I didn't just survive; I won my wife back.

For half a decade, I've been in the trenches with men grappling with their deepest internal struggles and crises. I’ve been dedicated to helping Christian men like you, rise from the ashes, rebuild their lives, and reignite their faith.

Do you dream of re-establishing your faith? Desire to Rebuild your personal kingdom? Strive for peace and purpose in every facet of life? Yearn for an iron-clad fellowship of Christian brothers? Sounds impossible? You bet it's not. I've witnessed these dreams become reality, time and time again.

Today, I’m pulling back the curtain on the powerful step-by-step guide I've been using to help men rewrite their narratives.

Introducing a life-changing guide that…

Equips You to Conquer Life's Toughest Challenges and Rebuild Your Kingdom.

Recently, I analyzed the journeys of tons of men I’ve journeyed with, seeking to uncover what accelerated their progress.

Their stories were phenomenal, but they all shared a common element: The King's Code Framework. This unique focus on rebuilding life while fortifying emotional and spiritual resilience sparked dramatic and rapid transformations.

But here's the real kicker:

You CAN regain your purpose, your place in life through a faith-based blueprint. You CAN stand shoulder to shoulder with the camaraderie of a movement of Christian men. Armed with proven tools and tactics, you CAN Rebuild your kingdom and rise up as a king... a king unto the King of kings.

Remember, Rebuilding your kingdom is not a solo venture. It’s a journey of placing brick by brick as you tear down lies and embrace truth.

What if you could just become a king by ignoring your feelings or gathering wealth? That would be nice, wouldn't it?

So, is the trick to just suppress your feelings and move on? Or maybe just focus on getting rich and successful? Realistically, you probably aren't making deals with God and using short-term distractions to could you?

I've been in your position and so many other men in the King's Code™ have been in your shoes. Before starting, many tried "waiting it out" or "trying it on their own", but all came to the same realization, they needed a Framework that would bring real and lasting results. 

Don't Waste Your Time Doing What Doesn't Work...

You've been through enough to waste your time doing what doesn't work...

So many guys will spend countless hours on Youtube, Social Media and "Free" trainings, which will NEVER give you everything you need.

Free clips, personal development, traditional counseling never helped me or the men that I have helped. Most of all of that turns out to be a big waste of time.  

But what if there was another way to deal with this situation?

Introducing the Rebuild Coaching Program

I am now offering a beta coaching program for Christian men dealing with the crises of divorce and have come to the decision that it is time to Rebuild.

My aim is to help you regain your God-given power and Rebuild your life without feeling alone or overwhelmed.

With our program, you can become a successful individual and overcome personal hardships without sacrificing your identity. You don't have to forget your emotions or fixate only on material success.

You're probably wondering whether this program would work for you, especially if you've tried to start over in the past without much improvement. But the Rebuild program is unique.

We help you move past the mindset & belief systems of handling everything alone or ignoring issues hoping they'd disappear (or just avoiding through self-medication). Such approaches are ancient history now.

Our program is designed to make overcoming personal crises as easy as possible.

But remember: success often requires effort. So I aim to make your journey to recover & Rebuild as simple as possible. So let's cover what you get access to...

The Rebuild Coaching Program includes:

✅ A 12-week coaching program

Our program offers personalized coaching to guide you.

With this guidance, you won't have to take on your journey alone.

This not only includes weekly trainings, but weekly one-on-one coaching!

✅ Frameworks for personal growth and rebuilding

I'll provide you with effective frameworks to help you Rebuild your life.

✅ A supportive community of Christian men & fellow kings

This private Telegram community helps and encourages you throughout your healing & Rebuilding process.

You won't feel alone or lost with this supportive network by your side.

With these strategies, you won't have to dwell on past mistakes. Instead, you can focus on personal growth and restoration.

Yes, these are big promises, but they're based on my own experience. I used these strategies to Rebuild my life after my wife left. I have shared these techniques with several other men to help them flourish. And I believe they will work for you too.


What others are saying about us

“I jumped in with both feet. I got so much information out of it. I learned so much. And having completed it, I cannot recommend it enough.

I equate it to if you're walking through a mine field, no idea where the mines are and you want to get from one side to the other without getting blown up, go with someone that has walked it before and has experience in that specific category. And Paul has the experience, and you walk side by side and you deal with the issues that need to get fixed. And I cannot recommend it enough.

If you're asking, was it worth the cost? I would say if it was double the cost, I would say it's worth every penny.

And then if you're considering doing the one-on-ones or just the group coaching, I did the one-on ones-and the group coaching, and I would recommend that. It was absolutely amazing experience."

​- Daniel

Your Choice Matters... For Real!

Pause. Consider your options. This decision needs calculated thought and massive action.

✅ Option One: stagnation. Envision the next year locked in the same battles, the same disappointments, the same under-achievement.

✅ Option Two: Lone wolf. Take what you've heard, grit your teeth and march into the unknown. Some wins, some defeats, learning at a snail’s pace through trial and error. It's a tough grind. But after all, such is life, isn't it? There is a huge disadvantage when you don't run with a pack of like-minded men. 

✅ Option Three: Fast track to discovering your God-given purpose. Have someone that has "been there and done that" to steer you in the right direction... Shortening the time and effort it takes to get real and lasting results. This is pure logic.

Why stagger alone in the dark when you don't have to?

I've paved that road for you. The same pitfalls won’t catch you off guard. No need to blindly navigate the unchartered waters. I offer you a roadmap, backed by men who were once in your shoes. A master plan set to transform you, empower you as you Rebuild.

The method is foolproof, every single time. Whether you're a man recovering from a divorce or a Christian man eager to embrace your God-given purpose, this is your golden ticket.

The ball is in your court. What's your next move?

Real Results As You Rebuild

My King's Code™ Coaching Programs has been transforming lives across the US; lives like that of Daniel (who's testimony is above on this page), who, after taking the plunge and joining this program, had a life-changing experience. He equated the program to walking through a minefield, with myself being by his side guiding him through the mines of crisis. Daniel felt seen, heard, and empowered. The learnings were invaluable not just for his crisis, but also for life as a whole. For Daniel, the cost of the program was well worth it; he went above and beyond and enthusiastically embraced both the one-on-one and group coaching sessions. He was left awe-struck, grateful, and ready to share his newfound knowledge with the world.

Now, it's your turn to experience this overpowering transformation.

When you join the Rebuild Coaching Program, your life begins a radical transformation. You plunge into a whirlwind of growth, healing, and purpose. In the 12 weeks of this program, you'll join other Christian men who understand your struggle and will stand by you every step of the way.

You'll dive deep into the King's Code™ Framework, which is the foundation of the program. You'll navigate your way through your crisis, and begin to effectively Rebuild your life & walk in wholeness. This program is unique as it intricately weaves elements of faith and growth.

But that's not all. This program guarantees a transition from feeling lost to being purpose-driven and confident. This might seem daunting right now, but remember, you aren't alone. You have a trusted coach and a supportive community of men just like you who are poised and ready to take this journey with you. Step into your future confidently with the Rebuild Coaching Program!

Sign up now to embrace your calling as a Christian man and start rebuilding your kingdom right away. Don't let this opportunity pass you by - claim your spot in the transformative program and get ready for a 180-degree change!

So why wait? Begin your journey with the Rebuild Coaching Program, your key to rediscovering your faith, purpose, and achieving your dreams in a supportive, faith-based movement! Don't miss out on this special introductory beta price, so act now and secure your spot! (Once we officially launch to the public, this price will more than double!)

The program won't just help you rebuild your life; it's carefully curated to aid you in transforming into a forward-looking, driven, and content Christian man that is on his A-Game. Join us today inside the Rebuild Coaching Program and take the first step towards building a prosperous, fulfilling life. Buckle up for a journey of personal growth, faith renewal, and total transformation. 

Remember, the process only begins when you take the first step - your first step to rebuilding wings from your broken parts.

Change your life today with the Rebuild Coaching Program - the catalyst for Christian men eager to reclaim their lives!

To your growth and success,
Paul Cooley.


What others are saying about us

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"Not only did going through this program help me avoid divorce, but completely restored my marriage in a very short period of time that I was not expecting.

The King's Code not only helped my marriage, but it has helped me in many other areas of life. I highly recommend this program for the Christian man."

- Ryan

I’d recommend Paul 100%. I signed up with Paul Wednesday morning, found out about my wife’s affair that Wednesday night …. Not something to easily forgive …. And not something I’d like to give her another chance after doing …. The King's Code program and talking with Paul was the best thing for me through all of it.

- Marty

“I don't know where I would be without this program! - This is the best program ever!”

- Wess

Consider the impact that you're about to make.

By securing your deal today, you're not just investing in personal development. You're joining a global endeavor that's dedicated to empowering millions of Christian men with transformative truths.

The power is in your hands to navigate through this.

It's no secret: individual wholeness is within your grasp, sans hefty price tags or the necessity of doing it all on your own.

Don't settle for the status quo. Start shaping the life you envision for yourself.

On board, you'll be part of a vibrant community committed to personal growth.

Click the button below to secure your discount. No hidden fees, no delays.

Gain immediate access to our extensive Rebuild Coaching Program, alongside outstanding bonuses — a total value exceeding $5,000.

All for the unexpected price of $5,000. That's no bargain!

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From there, you gain exclusive VIP options to tailor your membership as you see fit.

And finally, you're led to our secure members' suite.

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Inevitably, life continues to move forward, and the longer you grapple with personal development, the more burdensome it becomes.

Inaction can lead to deep-seated pain.

Envision a life consumed by solitude and frustration because you didn't take the necessary steps towards rebuilding. Could you live with the heaviness of missed chances to alter your reality?

Alternatively, seize this opportunity.

Click the button below.

Fast forward to a week from today:

You've immersed yourself in the Rebuild Coaching Program...

And the fruits of your efforts are already becoming visible:

You've established healthier coping strategies, boosted your self-confidence, and rekindled a sense of purpose.

Now imagine 30 days later...

The metamorphosis is astounding, isn't it?

You've attained a level of fulfilment that seemed unreachable. You're thriving in your role as a Christian man, deriving pleasure from life's simplest moments. You've emerged from your struggles, reclaiming your rightful place.

What you get access to

 Weekly One-On-One Coaching Call

 Weekly Training Modules

 The King's Code™ Tool Chest

 Private Telegram Access

 Monthly LIVE Trainings

 Member's ONLY Training Area

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the Rebuild Coaching Program?

The Rebuild Coaching Program is a transformative 12-week initiative. It's been carefully designed for Christian men who have gone through life-altering crises and are hopeful about rebuilding their life as per God's calling. The program provides all necessary support, guidance, and frameworks for men to find wholeness and rebuild stronger than before.

2) How is this program different from others?

Our Rebuild Coaching Program stands out from typical self-improvement programs, which tend to be more superficial. We focus on deep-seated issues, getting to the root of the problems and bringing about genuine transformation. We don't believe in temporary fixes but aim at lasting change.

3) What kind of support can I expect from the community?

Expect a lot of encouragement, understanding, empathy, and guidance from a community of Christian men who have sailed in the same boat. Having understood your struggles, they are in an excellent position to provide the support that you need to conquer your fears and obstacles.

4) What exactly is the King's Code Framework?

The King's Code Framework is our tried and true blueprint that we've developed from years of experience helping Christian men rise from their low points. It is a beneficial structure that has even helped win back marriages on the verge of collapse.

5) How much time do I have to commit to this?

While we don't believe in rushing through the process, practicality also matters. Hence, our program is designed to fit into your busy schedule while also providing the consistent engagement necessary for healing and growth.

6) How does the Rebuild Coaching Program work?

Once you register for the program, you need to complete your profile and login to the member's area to start. Over 12 weeks, we guide you through personalized coaching, offer access to like-minded community support, and provide proven frameworks and strategies for rebuilding your life.

7) What does the Vault offer?

The Vault is an additional bonus you get for enrolling in this program. It's packed with our past premium trainings, all designed to guide you from crisis to wholeness, helping you rise from falling to standing tall as a king.

8) Is this program expensive?

Considering what you get out of it, the Rebuild Coaching Program offers tremendous value. For $5,000, which is half its actual worth, you receive not just a path to recovery but a roadmap to fulfilling God's calling for you, which is priceless!

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